How to Draw A Carnation Easily

How to Draw A Carnation. The carnation is one of the most delicate of flowers. These pretty flowers have many petals to give them a rounded shape, and because of their beauty, they are often used in corsets and for elegant occasions.

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They’re also wonderful to recreate in artwork, and learning to draw a carnation is perfect!

This is the guide for you if you love this flower and want to know how to recreate it.

Our step-by-step tutorial on drawing a carnation will help you recreate this amazing flower in an easy and fun way.

How to Draw A Carnation

Step 1

In this first step of our guide on drawing a carnation, we will draw some petals. As mentioned earlier, carnations comprise many smaller petals that form round shapes.

For now, let’s draw three such petals. Each will have a unique shape, but they will all be connected at a central point.

When drawing these petals, you can use some rough, jagged lines to add some flow to the petals. Once you’ve drawn these petals as they appear in the reference image, you can move on to Step 2!

Step 2

So far, you’ve drawn a few petals for your carnation design, so now you can start building on the flower using what you learned in step one.

To do this, we’ll create layers for the flower by adding more petals around the three you’ve already drawn.

These new pedals are drawn with a similar irregular jagged line, and again you can vary their shape and size.

Then you can complete this step by adding minor line detail to these new petals.

Step 3

You proved that you know how to draw flower petals, so we will add more to this part of our guide on drawing a carnation!

This means you build up more layers by adding more and more petals. Remember that the overall shape of the carnation is quite round, so try to keep that in mind as you draw.

The petals get larger as you approach the flower’s outer edge.

Once you’ve recreated the carnation as it looks in our reference image, add more line detail to the petals as you’ve done so far.

When you’re happy with the petals and the flower as a whole, it’s time to work on the stem and other aspects in the next few steps.

Step 4

You’ve finished drawing the flower, so that you can start on the stem in this part of the carnation design.

Carnations are known for their long, slender stems, and we’ll start with that now. Use curved lines with pointed tips for small leaves under the flower body.

Then extend the stem down a bit, and finally, for this step, you can draw some longer leaves that flap down with a rounded, almost bulbous base.

We’ll finish the trunk in the next step, so here we go!

Step 5

We mentioned in the previous step on how to draw a carnation tutorial that this flower has a long thin stem, and we’ll finish that look now.

To do this, draw two long, fairly straight lines from the base of the tip of the stem. These lines go deep enough to add some length to the stem.

Next, complete the stem by drawing long, curved leaves that curl at the base of the stem.

Once the stem is complete, you’ve completed this design! This is your chance to add a few details before proceeding.

One thing to try would be to draw a background, which would give you the perfect excuse to draw more of your favourite flowers to create a beautiful garden!

You can also draw some bees or other garden insects enjoying the day around this amazing flower.

Step 6

You have now reached the final stage of your carnation drawing. This should be fun as you can express your creativity with cool colours!

In our reference image, we chose beautiful shades of red and pink for the flower’s petals while using beautiful shades of green for the stem and leaves.

The good news about carnations is that they come in almost every colour you can think of. This means you have a lot of freedom in colourising your beautiful creation.

You can also create some stunning colours by experimenting with some cool art mediums and tools, so have fun and see what you come up with!

Your Carnation Drawing is Finished!