6 Luxury Escapes Bucket List Ideas For Wanderlust Jetsetters

Are you looking for a break from it all or an exciting travel experience? Maybe you have a long list of things to sort out and the real problem was getting started. Do you have a list of places you need to visit before you reach an important milestone in your life and need some bold ideas? Search no more! You know, when it comes to travel inspiration, the only limit is your imagination or your money!When you have both, everything fits together.

If you are looking for secluded beaches in busy cities or picturesque mountains in the campaign, or you want to get busy with discovering new cultures or writing a new cuisine, we have presented you with a list of excursion ideas this year Luxurious for you .

In this article we have compiled 20 of these places for you. These destinations are sure to please you and give you a sense of contentment, energy and relaxation. So pack your bags, get out your passport and get ready for exotic adventures and luxury travel!

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6 Wanderlust Luxury Getaways Travel Wishlist Ideas

1: Explore the Wilds of Africa

You can’t go wrong adding a trip to Africa to your list of luxury getaway ideas for travel enthusiasts. From landscapes to flora and fauna (yes, biological terms should be used here), Africa ticks all the boxes when it comes to a great travel experience.

Celebrated by both visitors and tourism professionals, Africa’s wild animals are the culmination of an African adventure.

There are over 6 amazing routes to choose from through the wilds of Africa. Some of these are:

  • Go on a Flying Bush safari in Kenya and have a wildebeest safari adventure in Tanzania.With its vast territory and natural forests, East Africa is home to one of the world’s greatest safaris. Experience the thrill of observing animals in their natural habitat. It is ideal for family travel, educational research and sightseeing tours.
  • Visit to the Pyramids of Giza, Egypt. It is an amazing and globally researched work of architecture and one of the seven surviving wonders of the world.The pyramids are an attraction every day and every hour.
  • Enjoy adventure activities near Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe and Zambia like rafting, bungee jumping, ziplining and more.
  • Migration with gorillas in the Virunga mountains of Rwanda.
  • Discover the nature and beaches of northern Madagascar.
  • Book a private boat to explore Mahé, Seychelles.The Seychelles are known for their spectacular natural views, beautiful coral reefs and beaches. It is an island destination in Africa.

2: Discover Europe

There are many luxury holiday ideas for travelers who would like to travel to Europe. Every year people travel around Europe in search of beautiful landscapes and beautiful beaches.

Whether it’s skiing in the winter, warm beaches in the summer, log cabin experiences, honeymoons, food and wine tasting, Christmas getaways or art exhibitions, there’s room for every imaginable hiking idea. Some of them are:

  • Discover the romantic city of Venice in Italy with its winding canals, breathtaking architecture and rich history. Stroll through the wide streets and enjoy Italy’s music, dance and culinary offerings.
  • Visit the famous island of Greece. Greece is known for its rich history, warm climate, majestic rivers, iconic architecture, beautiful landscapes and charming people. Ideal for summer travel.
  • Take a private tour of the Oslo Fjords in Norway. Oslo is famous for its spectacular combination of modernity and history in history, tradition and architecture.Known for its majestic night skies, Norway is a popular tourist destination.
  • Book a helicopter flight for the best views of the French Riviera.
  • The Swiss Alps are a must for winter sports enthusiasts. It’s full of ski and snowboard slopes, luxurious mountain resorts and hot Swiss chocolate.
  • France, you can take a private guided tour of the Louvre, one of the most famous art museums in the world, with access to hidden rooms and collections, admire the famous Eiffel Tower, known for its romanticism, and stroll through the magnificent Luxembourg Gardens, to finish a shopping spree on the famous Champs Elysées.
  • Take a wine tour in Tuscany, Italy or Bordeaux, France.

3: Discover Australia

Australia has unique luxury excursions where you can experience style, travel and surroundings, from Kangaroo Island to tropical Queensland. Australia is home to some of the most unique creatures you’ll ever encounter on earth, and if you’re lucky you might dine with a kangaroo on the road.

Australia also has the largest and most beautiful coral reefs in the world, a testament to marine activity. Be sure to add one of the following to your list of luxury vacation ideas for travel lovers.

  • Enjoy cocktails, tasty pandan lamingtons and tender chicken at Fullerton Sydney, one of the newest luxury hotels in Australia’s busiest city.
  • Visit the Great Barrier Reef, Daintree Rainforest and Cairns Aquarium in Queensland.
  • Discover the extravagant landscapes and unforgettable wildlife of Fiji. With over 300 islands, you can take a helicopter flight to the island of your choice, snorkel, book a spa appointment and play a round of golf.
  • Take a scenic helicopter tour over Milford Sound and see one of New Zealand’s most scenic spots.Skydive aboard a
  • over Queenstown and experience the thrill of one of the world’s most iconic landscapes. Discover skiing, kayaking, skydiving, canyoning and hiking at Lake Wanaka.
  • Visit the famous Sydney Opera House for an exciting experience of theatre, dance and opera.

4: Discover Asia

As the largest and most diverse continent, Asia influences cultural celebrations and culinary practices. Home to more than three world religions, it is home to magnificent temples and colorful religious festivals. It is also the best place for mountaineering since the highest mountain ranges are located here. Whether you’re heading out on a religious retreat, a self-discovery vacation, or a dinner out, here are some luxury vacation ideas for the seasoned traveler.

  • Relax and unwind in Bali, Indonesia.Bali has beautiful beaches, serene temples and a vibrant culture.
  • Discover the wonders of Japan. Visit the Prince Gallery in Tokyo and the Intercontinental Beppu Resorts and Spa. Admire the impressive bronze statue of the Big Buddha at Todai-ji Temple, the largest wooden building in the world.
  • Discover the mesmerizing Golden Triangle of India with a wonderful tiger safari, colorful festivals and spicy dishes.
  • Discover the treasures of southern Sri Lanka.
  • Visit Muraka’s underwater villa on the picturesque island of Maldives. Relax on the beach and soak up the sun.
  • Experience the serene and luxurious Six Senses Qing Cheng Mountain Resort in Sichuan Province, China. The mountain has 36 peaks and is home to giant pandas, as well as Buddhist and Taoist temples.
  • Learn the art of sushi preparation from a sushi chef in Japan.

5: Discover America

From the Caribbean Sea to the frozen Arctic Ocean, America is a luxury traveler’s paradise. Is it the awe-inspiring Amazon Basin, home to most of the planet’s animal and plant species, or the magnificent waterfalls and rivers? Is it fascinating gorges and huge mountains or huge cattle ranches?

America is a true paradise.Check out some of the best luxury vacation ideas for travel enthusiasts:

  • Take a Helicopter Tour of New York City. The city, next to the gigantic Statue of Liberty.
  • Discover the Great Lake in Orlando.
  • Visit Brush Creek Ranch, one of the premier luxury resorts in the world, in Wyoming.
  • Discover Cartagena, home of unique boutique hotels, world-class art galleries and vibrant Colombian nightlife.
  • Explore the world famous nature of the Galapagos Islands and visit the historical sites of the Inca culture in Ecuador.
  • Stop at the Uyuni Salt Flats in Bolivia to admire the largest mirror of colorful lagoons in the world and Cactus Island.
  • Visit Clayoquot Wilderness Lodge on Vancouver Island, Canada.
  • Visit Halekulani, an oasis of calm and elegant beachfront in Waikiki, Oahu.
  • Discover the colorful island of Jumby Bay in Antigua and enjoy white sand, turquoise water and an abundance of yellowtail and blue flycatchers.

6: Middle East

Saving the best for last. From vast expanses of desert to the beauty of modern architecture, world-class cuisine and an abundance of sparkling fruit, to burgeoning technological advances and glorious sunsets, the Middle East has become an obvious wonder of the world. Here are some luxury getaway ideas for travelers who love to travel to the Middle East: Cruise

  • at Emirates Palace Hotels in Dubai.
  • Visit a resort and spa on the deserted island of Anantara and indulge in a variety of activities including snorkeling, scuba diving or fishing in the Arabian Gulf.
  • Relax and swim in the Dead Sea in Jordan.
  • Enjoy a luxurious meal at the Burj Khalifa in Dubai.
  • Take a sunset cruise with dinner, delicious cuisine and breathtaking views of the city skyline.

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Here is a list of luxury escape ideas for lovers of travel across the world’s continents. We believe that just reading the profiles and names of these luxury holiday destinations has given you wanderlust. We hope you will make up your mind and take a look at the wish lists that have been on your agenda over the years.


For jet enthusiasts with a passion for luxury, these four bucket list ideas offer a wide range of experiences that combine opulence, adventure, relaxation and cultural immersion. Whether it’s overwater bungalows in Bora Bora, an exhilarating safari in the Serengeti, the secluded beauty of the Maldives or a cultural extravaganza in Kyoto, each destination offers a memorable vacation that will satisfy even the most discerning of tastes.Indulge, explore and create memories that will last a lifetime.