6 Divine Paralogues In Fire Emblem Engage

When you buy the DLC, you can play the Divine Paralogues. Some of them are harder to beat than others.

Fire Emblem Engage is a new game for the Nintendo Switch, but it already has 3 waves of downloadable content (DLC). The 4th wave is set to come out before the end of 2023.

The Divine Paralogues are optional side missions that can be done once the DLC is bought. Once a player has bought Emblem Edelgard, all they have to do is find it in the Somniel. Then, the players can play Tiki’s Paralogue or keep going with the other characters. The player gets a lot out of these Divine Paralogues because they give an Emblem Bracelet when they win. But some of the Divine Paralogues are harder than others and may need more time to get ready for.

The Lonely Heir – Veronica

The Lonely Heir - Veronica In Fire Emblem Engage

The player has to beat The Lonely Heir Paralogue, which is part of the third wave of the expansion pass, in order to get the Emblem of Heroes, Veronica.

The map divides the player’s team into two groups, with four units on each side of the map. Veronica is far away, and the characters won’t be able to get to her until they stand on the activation tiles. This map’s main challenge is Veronica, who calls up a lot of enemies every few turns. This makes the player want to move fast and get to Veronica as soon as possible. With the team split up, things could get complicated, but if the units’ levels are high enough, the player shouldn’t have too much trouble with this Divine Paralogue because Veronica isn’t too hard to beat once she’s in range.

The Radiant Strategist – Soren

The Radiant Strategist - Soren

The player can get Soren, the Emblem of Acumen, after beating his Paralogue, The Radiant Strategist, which came out in the second wave of the expansion pass.

The player can put up to 12 units on this map, which gives them a lot of choices for where to put them. Magma craters are a problem here because they hurt units if they stand on them. It’s good that it also hurts enemy units. Smoke is also a problem because it lowers the Avoid, Defense, and Resistance of your units. Dragon Vein from Corrin or Camilla is a good way to stop it, though. The map isn’t too hard if the player is fast, and Soren’s one long-range attack is easy to deal with if the player has a unit with high resistance.

The Brash General – Hector

The Brash General - Hector

The player has to get through Hector’s trial, which is his Divine Paralogue, The Brash General, in order to get the Emblem of Strength, Hector.

The Happy Wheels player can bring 8 units to this battle. During this battle, the poison vents could be a problem because they can hurt the health of the units. On the plus side, it also hurts units that aren’t yours. This map is very small, and it might be hard to get around, especially if the enemy keeps sending more troops. Hector is in the northwestern part of the map. Once the player gets there, he is one of the hardest units to beat because he has a lot of health, which makes this map one of the harder ones.

The Doting Sister – Camilla

The Doting Sister - Camilla

The Doting Sister is the Divine Paralogue that unlocks Emblem Camilla, the Emblem of Revelation. It may be the hardest Paralogue in the second wave.

The player can place 10 units on this map. To get to Camilla in the North Center, the units will have to move from where they are now in the southwest. The map is made up of narrow paths and corridors, which makes it even more difficult. There are a lot of flying units on this map, and they can easily attack the player’s units because flying units can move around more easily. Camilla is a very powerful enemy, but if the player surrounds her, she can be easily defeated because she only has one resurrection stone.

The Shepherd Exalt – Chrom And Robin

The Shepherd Exalt - Chrom And Robin

The Shepherd Exalt is the second Paralogue in the third wave of the expansion pass, and it may be the hardest one. You have to beat it in order to get Chrom and Robin, the Emblem of Bonds.

On this map, the player can place 10 units. It is very hard, and to get to Chrom and Robin, the player has to destroy three crystals at the same time to break the magic barrier. There are a lot of reinforcements on the map, which could make it hard if the players have to work alone to destroy the crystals. The fact that the map will be flooded with water on turn 3 makes it harder. This will affect the units’ Avoid. Getting rid of Chrom and Robin won’t be easy, since Chrom has two revival stones and Robin only has one.

The Ancestor – Tiki

The Ancestor - Tiki

In Fire Emblem Engage: The Ancestor, the mission to get the Emblem of the Dragon Princess, Tiki, is the first Divine Paralogue that the player will have to face.

In the Dragon Temple, the player only gets 8 units, while the enemy has a never-ending supply of reinforcements. This makes the map very hard, especially if the player isn’t at a high enough level. The player must first go to the room in the northwest to open another room, which then lets them open the room with Tiki in the northeast. The Phantom Wyverns that Tiki makes are very strong and can attack from a long way away. Even Tiki won’t be easy to beat, and the player will have to surround her to beat her.

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