Basic of Microsoft Office

Basic of Microsoft Office

Unlike the other versions, Microsoft Office Basic does not come pre-installed on PCs sold by computer manufacturers. It is available only for PCs sold under software licensing agreements with Microsoft. It is the first version of Microsoft Office and was introduced by Microsoft’s founder Bill Gates in 1988. It was designed to target a variety of computing environments and end users.

Office Basic comes with a selection of applications, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Publisher. It is a suite of office applications designed to help people organize their work and create documents. Each application has a different set of tabs. Some of the tabs are context-sensitive, meaning that certain objects will appear when they are selected. For example, when selecting a table, the Tabs menu appears to provide table-related options. The Tabs menu will also disappear if the object is not selected.

Excel’s Ledger Sheet mode makes financial tasks easier. It also includes a document inspector, which strips documents of metadata. Office 2007 has an enhanced Help system. It offers a smooth transition from Help on the Internet to Help in the application. It also includes extensive use of Super Tooltips, which replace normal tooltips in many areas. Some Super Tooltips use pictures, while others use diagrams.

PowerPoint’s New Slide button is located under the Home tab. This allows users to preview templates and colors. This tab also includes a toolbar for formatting and printing. It includes the Zoom slider and the Save, Print, Undo/Redo, and Print Options. In Excel 2007, the Insert Rows command is located under the Home tab. The Page Layout tab is also available. It allows users to preview the template’s colors and layout. This tab also includes the data link feature, which links text to external data.

OneNote is a digital notebook, which allows users to keep track of important items and collect information. It also indexes audio and video recordings. Users can also use OneNote to gather information, create and manage tables, and organize notes. The notes can have hyperlinks to other parts of the notebook. The notes can also be linked to external data sources. The notes can be formatted manually or based on external data.

Visual Basic for Applications is a program that can automate repetitive tasks in Microsoft Office. It can be used to automate the creation of forms and reports. It can also be used to manage images and other multimedia files. It is also included in Office for Mac. It can be used to create calendars, labels, postcards, and brochures. The program is used for most Microsoft Office applications.

The Microsoft Office Ribbon is a panel that organizes commands as tabs. The ribbon is designed to make features easier to discover. It also contains an “Undo” button that allows users to undo changes made programmatically. It includes a “My Day” application that provides a quick view of the day. It also contains a diagnostic tool that will identify crashes.